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The US Government and Private Foundations fund millions of dollars in FREE grants each and every day. This FREE money can be used to fund any reasonable need or cause - to start or expand a business, help you purchase a home, remodel your home, pay bills, purchase a car, pay taxes, pay medical expenses, pay for college expenses and much, more! 

Unfortunately the general public isn't even aware of the various programs and billions of dollars that go unclaimed each year as a result. The U.S. Government and Private Foundations must, by law, freely distribute over $380 Million dollars monthly to organizations and individuals just like you. Stake YOUR Claim Today! 

They have no special requirements, no collateral requirements and no credit check requirements. Once the money has been awarded to you, it is yours to keep and you never have to pay it back!  You as an American tax payer are entitled to receive this money.

This money is REAL, in fact, Over $45 million dollars in free government grants exist for just for small business! But the government will only give it away to those who know how to ask for it. Get your share of it now!)

Not only does the government give money out to get you going… but… funds are even put away to help small and large businesses that maybe facing financial problems!  $91 Million dollars alone were specifically set aside by special grant programs for entrepreneurs to ensure the continued success of their business!

Also more than $110 MILLION dollars is available for entrepreneurs in the form of low interest small business loans that are easy to qualify for! (It's simple to apply and get approved for low interest loans with very favorable terms you can't find anywhere else but through these programs that anyone can take advantage of… even you.

3,000,000 investors will obtain free money thru these programs to invest in real estate that they could rehab and resell for a profit or keep to generate a monthly income! 

So If you've ever wanted to invest in real estate but couldn't get a regular bank loan then, a grant may be your ticket to starting an exciting and profitable business this year.

Women can get free grants too... There are currently more than $12 million dollars set aside this month in direct small business grants specifically for women, low-income and minority entrepreneurs!

Anyone that falls into one of these categories can easily access incredible opportunities in the grant marketplace!

 You will be shown how much money is available, exactly where to apply for it, you'll get the names of specific individuals to apply to, you will also be given applications for each of the specific grants! 

 To qualify for these grants, you must be a US citizen and 18 years of age or older. A good credit history is not necessary, Actually, you'll qualify for a broader range of grants if you have bad credit and are a current or aspiring homeowner, parent, business owner, student, woman or minority. 

In an effort to help U.S. citizens sift through and select which of the more than 42,000 grants they qualify for, several companies have produced Government Grant Cd's, Kits, Programs and Databases.

These programs help you the grant seeker locate and determine which grants you qualify for and exactly how to apply for them and how to receive them in the shortest time. 

We founded this site to provide consumers with the tools needed to take full advantage of the comparison-shopping power of the internet. If you've never comparison shopped for products or services online before, you are in for a real treat. So sit back, and let someone else do all the leg work for you for a change!

Top 3 Results:
The websites listed below have all been reviewed and rated by our Professional Grant Research Staff, They've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars purchasing and reviewing many grant programs. 

We have listed the programs we feel offer the best products by comparison and the most competitive prices from the many grant companies that we have reviewed and should serve your needs: 

The following list identifies and reviews the top 3 Government Grant Programs and services available on
the Internet today. 

Each has a slightly different focus and emphasis. So spend a few minutes browsing our reviewed lists to save yourself valuable time and money. 

All of the grant sites below are top rated
5 Star grant programs.

Name                           Review Comments
#1: Government Grant Solutions Review

Rating:TOP PICK!
Cost: FREE (1.98 for Shipping)
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

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The Government Grant Solutions free software holds everything you need to get started applying for your free grants. Not only will you learn how to find the grants that you are eligible for, but you will also have all the tools and information you need to apply for the money fast and easy. This is the premiere online grant program and our #1 top pick. They've assisted over 350,000 satisfied customers receive billions of dollars in grant awards, so you can't go wrong with this one. They will ship you a government grant success kit 100% FREE... All you pay is the small shipping and handling fee. Whether you are looking for a grant to start a new business, college grant, grant to build a new home or any other reason. They will assist you in getting that grant. It simply just doesn't get any better than this. "A MUST SEE!"  
Michele Huey
- I just got
$80,000 to Pay
off My Home

 Michelle finally got her free
 grant to pay off her Mortgage.
Dave Morgan -
$1.3 Million Free
Grants For

Dave says the greatest news is

he doesn't have to pay any of the money back*
Wayne - Got a
$15,000 Grant
To Start New

 Wayne received a $15,000 grant to
 help people improve their credit so
 that they may qualify for grants and loans for buying a home
Name                           Review Comments
#2: Government Funded Grants Review


Cost: FREE (1.00 for Shipping)
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

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Government Funded Grants is our #2 pick because they provide easy to use software that assists you in quickly finding the grant you need and filling out all the required paperwork, They make it so simple that its just like a they make it a plug-n-play system! Over the years, they have helped thousands of people apply for and be approved for free government grant money. Also, in my experience in working with their representatives, they were extremely professional and quite knowledgeable in how to help me and other people get their government grants quickly.
Free Government GrantsRon P. - My Own Share of the American Dream

Before I found your software the bank was about to foreclose on my home. I discovered a grant program that was dedicated to people just like me!
Federal GrantsSheila E. Newark - Got My Home Office Off the Ground

I used your software and got money that helped pay off all of my start up debts! It took a lot of the pressure off and now my business is going strong.
Government MoneyNina M. - I No Longer Worry About Losing My Job

I need my car to get to work, but it was falling apart. I didn't know what to do, because mechanics cost so much money. But your CD saved the day.
Name                           Review Comments
#3: Grant Connect Review

Cost: FREE (2.78 for Shipping)
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

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When I first began researching our #3 pick Grant Connect, their website appeared to me as a little hyped up. But as I investigated further, I quickly realized that this was going to be one of my three picks of legitimate companies that provide information on how to obtain free government grants.  What I liked the most about the free software is that you can search for grants based on what you need the grant for. You are given a massive amount of information on not only what grants are available, but how to write a winning grant proposal, as well many tips on how you can receive your grant, and much more.
grants for womenCatherine Roberts - Received $850,000 for Her Business

I received $850,000 for my business. I’m not very experienced with computers and your service made everything so simple for me. I don’t know why anybody would use any other program!
GrantsTahani Hanania - Received Her First Grant for $330,000!

It’s just so easy! I got my first grant for $330,000! All I have to do is search and click!

 Credit Solutions of America, Inc.

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Also, in addition to selecting the right grant program, many grant seekers have found the site to be a very good resource for applying
for free grants that do actually get approved and funded quickly. 


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